“Restore the Raptor Trust” fundraiser

We’re just 2 weeks away from an awesome event that I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in!raptorv3

Wednesday, April 2nd, The Meyersville Inn will be hosting “Restore the Raptor Trust,” a benefit to help The Raptor Trust raise money to repair cages damaged by storms and heavy snow fall.  The night is going to feature a ton of excellent musicians, great food and drink, a silent auction including local wildlife photography, raptor related events, and hand made items.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Raptor Trust is a non-profit rehabilitation center for injured birds of prey.  They’re located right on the edge of the Great Swamp, a 9000 acre National Wildlife Refuge that is a perfect habitat for many of the species of birds they treat.  The RT’s goal is to rehabilitate and re-release every bird they take in, but they also have options for birds who are injured in ways that prevent them from being able to fly or hunt again.

Over the years that it has been open, the Raptor Trust has built a compound of cages that house all types of birds of prey; hawks, owls, falcons, even bald and golden eagles.  The grounds are open to the public on a daily basis, and provide an up-close look at many species of birds that would never be approachable in the wild.

Unfortunately, many of these cages sustained serious damage last fall during a microburst, and many more have suffered under extensive snowfall.  The goal of the “Restore the Raptor Trust” benefit is to raise money to help offset the cost of rebuilding, so the Raptor Trust can continue its mission of education and rehabilitation.

We hope you’ll join us on April 2nd; The Meyersville Inn will be donating 10% of all sales from the night to the Raptor Trust, so whether you come for the night or just a drink, you’ll be helping increase the amount that we’re able to give.  There’s going to be live music from 6 – 9pm featuring me, Andres, Richie, Gary Reed, and a guest appearance by Chris Soucy, director of the Raptor Trust and former lead guitarist for Sally Talyor, daughter of James Taylor.

Reservations are recommended as its expected to be busy, the Inn’s number is (908) 647 – 6302.

Here’s the Facebook link: Restore the Raptor Trust FB

Hope to see you there!

– Ross