Side Project Saturday

Whats up everyone,

We have an interesting confluence of Root Glen related music for you guys, coming up on Saturday, August 10th…  For those of you who’ve made it out to see me or Root Glen several times, Saturday will be full of brand new songs and people, so don’t miss out!

Assuming we can pull ourselves back together after Andres’ birthday show on Friday the 9th at Rolf’s, Dave and I will both be doing shows with other bands on Saturday evening!  Thankfully, they’re close enough together that if you’re feeling motivated, you can probably make it to both..  Here’s the info:



6:30 to 7:30 pm – My side project, Graywood, will be making its live debut at Montclair Center Stage in Montclair NJ.  I’ll be doing about half the show solo, and then inviting Richie, Dan, and Joe up on stage to help me finish it off right!  For those of you wondering what your ears are in for, the songs are a bit of a blend between my solo acoustic sound, and the groove of Root Glen.  Oh, and its outside!!





10pm – 1am – Dave’s band Applewagon, legends of the Hamilton College campus (from where Root Glen stole its name..) will be taking over Drom on Avenue A in NYC for 3 solid hours of groove.  They’re excellent musicians & a blast to see live.. and there’s also a rumor of a Root Glen mini-set during their break!


Be well, and hope to see you at both!

– Ross