Some Recognition!

Well, not for me.. but 2 of the places I play just got some major praise!

This past Sunday, January 25, was the conclusion of a week worth of voting to rank the best bars in the state… There were categories for Dives, Neighborhood bars, Sports Bars, Whiskey/wine bars, and most importantly to me… Craft beer bars!
While I’m no connoisseur, I do have a “healthy” appreciation for craft beers, and am always happy to try a new one.

For years, the place I’ve gone to do so has been The Stirling Hotel, so I was pretty thrilled this weekend to see it land at the #4 BEST CRAFT BEER BAR IN THE STATE!  Frankly, I’m not at all surprised, and if you’ve ever visited there I’m sure you wouldn’t be either, but its nice to see a place that does things so well get the recognition it deserves.

On top of it being a favorite stop of mine, its also the new home of Ross & Friends on the first Monday of every month!  We play from 7 – 10pm out on the back patio (in a heated tent when its cold), and we’ve had some great guests join us during the past few shows.  If you haven’t been yet, come by on a Monday to check the place out and sing some songs with us!

Finishing just one spot behind at #5 in the state was Hailey’s Harp and Pub (Metuchen), where I’ve been playing every other month since last summer.  Its a great town bar with an excellent beer selection and a friendly crowd.  Its also a big soccer bar, so whether you like good craft beer, music, soccer, or any combination, its well worth a visit.  Stop by on the 1st Tuesday of any month for the “Beer Senate”:  try a bunch of new craft beers, and vote on which one should be added to their tap list!  Not bad!